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Why Choose Corramore?

Our People

Your project will benefit from the best people to meet your needs. We employ a variety of Site Managers, each with their own skills and experience, for example, some are highly experienced in the residential sector, while others specialise in commercial work, and some in finishing trades. Your project will be managed by the most suitable individual. Our range of skills and resources put us in an advantageous position to undertake an extensive scope of projects regardless of scale or budget. Our experienced management team are hands on throughout your project ensuring high standards are adhered to at all times.

We are constantly striving to improve our performance and strongly believe that our people are the key to our success. We only employee the best people who have proven that not only do they have the appropriate skills and qualifications, but more importantly they are self-motivated, commercially minded, client-focused and above all have the drive to exceed our client’s expectations.


Our Mission

“At Corramore we are dedicated to supplying a professional construction service that will meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. We promote quality construction, take great pride in our work at all times and develop lasting relationships with all our clients”.

Our Ethos

  • INTEGRITY Maintain constant adherence to a moral and ethical code

  • PROFESSIONALISM Conduct ourselves as dedicated professionals

  • ACCOUNTABILITY Hold ourselves responsible for our daily craft

  • EXCELLENCE Strive to do better than ordinary

  • COMMITMENT Pledge to not only meet but exceed the needs of our customers

  • TEAMWORK Cultivate a climate to encourage a co-operative effort

  • RESPECT Appreciate and treat all individuals with courtesy

Your Project

We can deliver certainty on safety, quality, programme and cost.

No two clients or projects are the same so a flexible, adaptable approach is adopted and maintained at all times. Your project will benefit from close attention to detail right from the start with value engineering at the design stage, through to delivery by high quality workmanship, both in house and coupled with our diverse list of approved subcontractors and partnering arrangements.

Corramore takes pride in going one step further by integrating with the client team, utilising our knowledge and experience to assist where possible with the design and planning process and actively engaging with all statutory authorities throughout the construction phase.

This approach has sustained the growth and success of our company.


Design & Build

Corramore Construction truly can be a “one stop shop” for delivering client projects. We can offer the complete package and over the years have developed strong and successful Partnerships with Architects, Mechanical and Electrical Consultants, Structural Engineers, Fit-Out Contractors and Interior Design Services.

Our broad Partnership experience translates effectively for clients who are increasingly seeking contractors that add real value and maximise return through value engineering projects, and commitment to genuine continuous improvement, providing you, the client, with the complete package, and peace of mind. We are committed to all parties sharing successes through maximising benefits and opportunities from contracts.

Click here for examples of Design and Build Clients


Supply Chain

All our suppliers and subcontractors are vetted using a rigorous approval procedure to ensure they meet our high standards. Our reputation is a vital business asset and we expect our supply chain to embrace our values and ethos. We are committed to providing you with the best skills and materials, as well as the best attitudes. Our supply chain adhere to a Code of Conduct which results in consistently high standards of workmanship and behaviour on all our projects. We expect our supply chain partners to demand the same standards from their partners, subcontractors, suppliers and consultants.

The Proof


Dobbies Garden CentresĀ Ltd
Corramore Construction has carried out several construction projects for Dobbies Garden Centres Ltd.

I have found Corramore to be a professional, competent and accommodating contractor, they have delivered the projects ahead of programme, on budget to a high standard and defect free.

Corramore are proactive and propose project specific value engineering solutions, work well with client, consultants, control subcontractors well and have an excellent approach to health and safety.

Corramore have provided Dobbies with excellent service and I would have no apprehension in using them in the future or recommending them to other clients.
Stephen Collins, Partner
We have at all times found Corramore Construction to be highly efficient, capable of rapid project turnaround and reliable when it comes to meeting project deadlines.  They work with a minimum of surprises and have a transparency in dealing with any cost issues that arise
Gerry Monaghan
The project was undertaken with the absolute minimum disruption to the day to day operations of the centre. Corramore's performance on this contract was exemplary.
Paddy Herbert, Associate
The Corramore Team have been a pleasure to work with and impressed me with their diligence, commitment to a high standard of workmanship and their ability to deal with variations and matters arising on site at short notice
Colin McGurk, MD
The construction process has always been completed in a diligent and professional manner. They displayed good management ability and high standards under tight time constraints
Tommy Lynch, Director of Gailmill Developments Ltd
Corramore have continually delivered multi-million euro design and build office developments within budget, ahead of programme and to an extremely high standard. They have a very innovative approach towards the client/ contractor relationship which has proved invaluable on many occasions. Corramore are without doubt setting new standards within the industry
Micheal McCracken, Managing Director
They proved themselves to be an extremely professional, efficient and highly motivated Company with a proactive and “can-do” attitude. I was particularly impressed with their fresh approach, whereby they were very much an integral part of the design team and their input with respect to technical and design issues was very beneficial.
Brian Murray, Chief Executive
We have found Corramore to be a very professional Company who work to the highest standards from levels of workmanship to their overall approach. Projects have been delivered on schedule and within budget. In addition their vast experience of building design means that they have been able to bring innovative approaches to our building projects
John Mackenzie, Project Manager
We can confirm Corramore’s performance on this project has been exemplary. The approach adopted by the Corramore team is one of collaboration and positive approach to problem solving.

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